Bit of a weird headline right?

You may be wondering why I'd want to tell you that you shouldn't be booking me but it's SO IMPORTANT to make sure you and your photographer are a good fit. I have a specific style and way of doing things and while I know a lot of people LOVE it, I also appreciate that it doesn't suit everyone.

So here's 5 times when I'm probably not the photographer for you!

1. You're looking for the cheapest wedding photographer you can find

Just to get this out of the way first - I will never be the cheapest wedding photographer, there will always be someone who is willing to work for less.

BUT; you need to think beyond just price.

I'm more expensive because I'm experienced, I'm reliable and I plan the photography for every single wedding I attend entirely with my clients in mind. What I provide is a completely bespoke service that captures everything thats important about your day with my creativity. It's not a case of showing up on the day and winging it for me - I know exactly where to be and when, what equipment I'll need and all my back up plans have back up plans.

If you want quality and professionalism it will be more expensive.

2. You want a completely invisible photographer

My aim is to capture your day as spectacularly as I can with the least amount of interruption - but there will always be some interruption.

Say there's an incredible sunset outside, I will tap you on the shoulder to go for some photos - you don't have to say yes but it's my job to give you the option.

It's the same when it comes to family photos - you need someone visible (and arguably a bit bossy) to round everyone up efficiently to get everything done

Having a photographer that has no input on your day at all and is purely documentary means you won't get the images you want a lot of the time.

It's the photographers job in my opinion to present photo opportunities to you even if that means interrupting your day a little.

3. You want bright and airy images

My style is more on the dramatic and moody side, bright and overexposed isn't my thing.

4. You aren't up for weird and wonderful ideas

Smoke bombs, epic bridal party shots, confetti, sparklers, fireworks & champagne pops are my thing! I hate for the photography for any two of my weddings to feel the same so I will take the time to get to know you as a couple and bring along a few things to make your photographs more you!

5. You want to wait months for your images

Okay this is a little sarcy of me because I know no one wants to wait months.

But I like to get my couples their images by the time they're settled back in from their honeymoon <3

That's not always possible in busiest season so I guarantee no longer than a 6 week wait for your images (though I am almost always done by 4)

If that's not put you off, you're my kinda client <3