Picture This;

an autumn wedding at Margam Orangery, where the air is crisp, the colours are rich, and raindrops add a touch of magic. Recently, I had the incredible privilege of documenting a rain-kissed celebration at this historical gem, and the result was nothing short of enchanting. Join me as we dive into the story of an autumn day filled with warmth, love, and the sweet patter of raindrops at Margam Orangery.

Setting the Scene

Nestled within the embrace of Margam Country Park, the Orangery takes on a new charm in the fall. Rich hues of red and gold adorn the surroundings, creating an enchanting canvas for an autumnal celebration. This was no ordinary day – it was a rain-kissed affair, adding a poetic touch to the love-filled atmosphere.

Rainy Ceremony

As raindrops played a delicate symphony on the Orangery's roof, the couple exchanged vows in an atmosphere of warmth and intimacy. The grand windows allowed the soft autumn light to filter through, creating a cosy ambiance that perfectly complemented the romantic occasion. It was a ceremony embraced by the unpredictability of nature, making it uniquely memorable. And the best part? The light inside the Orangery is so beautiful you'd never know it was raining

Rainy Strolls through nature

Embracing the weather, we took the celebration outdoors, capturing the couple's love amidst the autumn rain. The gardens, adorned with vibrant leaves and rain-kissed petals, provided a breathtaking backdrop for their romantic strolls. Luckily we had a short break in the rain to get those all important family photos, but if we hadn't? No issue at all in this venue, the stunning interior of the Orangery provides a beautiful backdrop for group shots.

Taking the party indoors

The reception, held inside the Orangery, became a cosy haven from the autumn rain. Twinkling lights, warm hues, and the intimate atmosphere created the perfect setting for celebrating love. The rain outside became a poetic backdrop, adding to the charm of the evening. There was much celebration to be had with incredible musical performances from the couples friends and family as well as a caricaturist and DJ.

To end..

An autumn wedding at the Orangery is a beautiful event whatever the weather, but this venue is the most perfect one for providing so many options when it's raining outside.

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