If you're all about ditching the big, traditional wedding scene and diving headfirst into a dreamy elopement, Wales has got your back. With its fairytale castles, rolling hills, and coastal charm, it's the ultimate spot for an intimate celebration. But hold up – different times of the year sprinkle their own kind of magic. Let's spill the tea on the best times to elope in Wales, making sure your special day is packed with all the vibes you crave.


When winter's frostiness starts giving way to sunshine, you know spring has sprung in Wales (March to May, to be exact). This is when flowers bloom, and the landscape feels like it's just taken a sip of coffee after a long nap. Imagine exchanging vows surrounded by blossoms at places like Cardiff Castle – talk about a fairytale moment! Spring elopements are all about new beginnings, just like your love story.


If you're all about those long sunny days and want your elopement to be kissed by golden-hour vibes, summer (June to August) is your jam. Imagine saying your vows on a Pembrokeshire beach or wandering through the cute streets of Conwy. The summer magic in Wales is all about endless daylight, sunsets that'll make your heart flutter, and creating memories that'll be the envy of everyone's Instagram feed.

Autumn - the BEST time if you ask me!!

Fall (September to November) is like a warm hug from Wales. The trees turn into a masterpiece of reds, oranges, and yellows, making it the perfect backdrop for your intimate celebration. Whether it's amidst the wild beauty of Snowdonia National Park or the ancient charm of Tintern Abbey, autumn elopements are all about getting cosy and celebrating your love against a backdrop of Mother Nature's finest work.


Winter (December to February) might be chilly, but it's also the time when Wales wraps itself in a blanket of whimsy. Think castles with a dusting of snow and the warm, cosy feeling of exchanging vows by the fire. Cardiff's twinkling lights or the magical aura of Caernarfon Castle set the scene for an elopement that's as unique as your love story. Winter elopements are all about quiet moments and the kind of love that keeps you warm from the inside out.

Whether you're all about spring blossoms, summer sunsets, autumn's warm embrace, or the winter's cosy charm, Wales is ready to host your love story in its own magical way. So, go ahead and pick your favourite season – it's all about celebrating your love exactly the way you want, against the backdrop of one of the most enchanting places on Earth. Here's to love, adventure, and your perfect Welsh elopement!