Content Creation at Weddings in South Wales - The latest trend!

I'm seeing a lot of posts lately asking about content creation at weddings, and speaking to clients about it almost daily! It's most definitely the latest trend in wedding media and honestly - I totally get it.

From what I can see, a lot of photographers and videographers seem to be pushing back on couples booking this new form of wedding supplier but in my humble opinion, I can see this very quickly becoming something that people really want.

While I don't necessarily agree with the pushback, I do understand some very valid points that have been brought up, and content creation is still a very new media which will inevitably develop as time goes on.


If you've been considering booking a content creator for your wedding I'm gonna make this super easy for you and list out the pros and cons as I see them, as a professional photographer.


  • Unplugged really means unplugged

From my experience, the couples I have booked in the past have always struggled with wanting their wedding to be fully unplugged but also wanting lots of photos and videos of the candid moments of their day. This often means relying on a friend or relative to capture everything alongside your photographer and videographer, which means they aren't necessarily joining in as much as you'd like. By hiring a content creator all of your guests can be truly unplugged and just enjoy the party!

  • Plenty of content for your social media

So many couples have Instagram accounts for their wedding days now, and everyone is so used to sharing everything online. If that's the type of person you are and you love having all this content to show off then a content creator will make sure you have more than enough to share! Often you find that wedding Instagram accounts fizzle out from the day of the wedding but this way everyone who's followed your wedding journey so far gets to see how everything looked on the day!

  • Quick turnaround

Professional photography and videography takes time to edit to a high standard and understandably most of us professionals are not happy to give out unedited images as it isn't a true representation of our work.

With content creation though, unedited photos and images are usually delivered next day! Or they could even be taken on your devices and given back to you at the end of your wedding night - so you get to relive the whole day all over again right away.

  • Content optimised for socials

While professional photography and videography is in an entirely different league to candid content creation in terms of quality, it is not usually optimised for posting on social media. Landscape photos and videos optimised to be viewed on a TV wont post well to stories or Tiktoks, and often they're such high definition that platforms have to compress the files, leaving you with blurry content.


  • Inexperience

As this is a very new and exciting media for weddings, there won't be many that have enough experience to know how a wedding day flows and the etiquettes around working with other photography and videography professionals. This could cause tension on the day if your photographer and videographer aren't particularly supportive of content creation.

  • You may be in breach of contract

All professional wedding photographers and videographers will have some type of exclusivity clause in their contracts prohibiting from anyone other than them taking professional photos and videos. Now, personally, I don't feel that content creation breaches this clause unless it's done using professional equipment. Usually content creators will use iphones or similar discreet devices, which is absolutely fine with me - but it may not be with others so it's worth checking with your other suppliers before you book

  • Another camera competing for the same shot

Another media supplier will inevitably mean another camera and person all trying to get the same important shots of your day. I've worked in teams of 4+ photographers and videographers on wedding days so this can absolutely be done - but the key to managing it all is communication between suppliers.

You also have to think about how comfortable you will be on the day having so many people crowding you to capture everything but that's very much personal preference.

So should I book one?

Short answer? Yes absolutely - there is no reason not to if you know content creation is something you want.

But to pose the absolute best case scenario with you - book yourself a professional photographer or videographer that can provide this service as an add on!

This is something I've started to do for my clients and it works really well - I'm already there for all the important bits so taking out a phone and doing some behind the scenes footage is something that can definitely be done!

If that's something you like the sound of, you can see more of my wedding work by CLICKING HERE and if you mention that you're thinking about content creation in your enquiry we can have a good chat about it!

Speak to you soon!

Danielle x