From the 'selfish' photographer

#1. You're probably feeling a little bit shit

Pregnancy isn't always fun, especially towards the end. You'll probably feel uncomfortable and in need of a good pamper!

Booking a shoot with me is the ULTIMATE pre baby confidence boost. I have the largest client wardrobe in South Wales for you to choose from and I direct you fully during the shoot to make sure you look and feel your absolute best.

#2. You need to do something for YOU

You have the rest of your life to focus on your baby. They'll soon become your world BUT I am a huge advocate for taking the time for yourself. You are growing a literal person, your body is incredible and needs to be celebrated!

#3. I bet you don't have any photos of you pregnant...

Your phone storage will soon be completely taken up by daily photos of your new arrival but I bet if you look you have none of you during your pregnancy do you?

It's something I hear all the time 'I wish I had some photos when I was pregnant' but I do get it - your body has changed and you probably aren't feeling so confident right now but you only get one chance to photograph this pregnancy and once that's gone you cant go back.

By booking in with me you have complete confidence that no matter how shit or self conscious you may be feeling, you will have some beautiful, emotional and above all POWERFUL images to look back on.

#4. Your first ever family photos!

This is your chance to get your first ever family photos done, whether this is your first or your fourth pregnancy. I always encourage partners, older children and even pets to get involved (but the shoot is ALWAYS about you first and foremost!)

Imagine being able to tell your little one when they're older that these were your first family portraits and to be able to show them how things have changed year on year.

#5. Its FUN & you deserve it!

I'm a super laid back and down to earth photographer - I will always make you feel at ease in my studio and make sure you have a good time!

I will make you laugh, or at least try to, and will calm any nerves you may have.

Your body has been through a lot and you deserve to celebrate it! My shoots are never rushed and I always make sure all my clients have something unique - who wants the same boring old thing as everyone else?!

Have I convinced you yet?

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Danielle x