Bit of a weird headline right?

You may be wondering why I'd want to tell you that you shouldn't be booking me but it's SO IMPORTANT to make sure you and your photographer are a good fit. I have a specific style and way of doing things and while I know a lot of people LOVE it, I also appreciate that it doesn't suit everyone.

So here's 5 times when I'm probably not the photographer for you!

1. You want the cheapest you can find

Just to get this one out of the way first - I will never be the cheapest maternity or boudoir photographer you will find, there will always be someone willing to work for less than I'm charging.

BUT - they won't be able to do what I do and they won't be able to give you the experience that I will.

I invest heavily in my client wardrobe, equipment and props, not to mention training and the time I spend on each of my studio sessions. This means I will never be the cheapest around but when you start looking beyond just price then you'll see what I offer is special.

I provide the ultimate confidence boosting experience, with the largest client wardrobe selection locally and every single one of my shoots is 100% bespoke and tailored to you and your style.

2. You want Light and Bright images

My style is dramatic and moody, even when I shoot on light backdrops I love to keep the drama. You can see from my work that I don't typically shoot very bright white images so if that's what you're looking for, I'm probably not the right fit for you.

3. You don't want posed images

To me posing is the MOST IMPORTANT part of maternity or boudoir photography without a doubt and can make or break whether you like your images. I pose you entirely from head to toe to make sure you look your absolute best and you aren't sat or stood in some uncomfortable weird position.

I mean, technically in terms of camera settings, lighting etc anybody can take a maternity image but what sets the best apart from others is all in the posing.

If you want natural and relaxed images - thats just not my style.

4. You want to view your images before you buy them

I have always hated in person sales. I am a photographer, not a salesperson and I hate the icky tactics I see daily in the industry (NEVER believe an ad for a "free photoshoot"

What I do instead is talk to you beforehand about your requirements. If you just want a few photos of your bump then a 5 image session will be plenty, but if you want family photos too then you'll need more. I will then plan your shoot down to each single image so that you end up with a set of beautiful final images that you love without the faff and sales pressure of having to come back and view them.

I also work this way because people travel hundreds of miles to work with me and it wouldn't be fair to make them return to view the images too.

If you'd rather see them first or you want the whole sales process then I'm not the right photographer for you.

5. You're expecting a huge commercial studio

My studio is at my home - I love it and so do my clients. There are soft drinks and snacks out, easy driveway parking, a fully enclosed garden and a comfortable atmosphere.

If you're booking expecting a huge commercial space then I'm not the photographer for you.

I can create the incredible art I do in my current studio and it suits me and my clients.

If thats not put you off, you're probably my kinda client - lets get chatting <3