Shannon booked in her maternity shoot to get some dramatic images specifically in my dresses just before her first baby arrived! She was so excited to wear my outfits and was joined by her lovely partner Kier who was just brilliant in the shoot! I get asked all the time if I photograph partners too and the answer is of course! I just like to keep my social posting focused on the POWERFUL mama's to be <3

What made you choose Danielle Axworthy for your Maternity Experience?

The choice of outfits and dramatic look of the images advertised.

What was your favourite part about your session?

The creativity and vibe that the photographer provided! The little snacks and drinks to keep you going as a heavily pregnant mumma!

Were you nervous about your shoot?

Yes, due to nudity / underwear garments. However was made to feel so comfortable and completely forgot about it, once the shoot was underway. It felt very relaxed and natural to pose.

How did you feel during and afterwards?

Amazing and really comfortable. I felt well looked after, supported and always considered in every aspect of the shoot.

Would you recommend this Maternity Experience to other mums-to-be?

Yes 100%! Best experience ever!

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