If you book with me, then you don't have to worry about it!

All I ever ask you to bring is some nude underwear - I take care of the rest with my stunning couture gowns, fabrics and accessories. Your maternity session is 100% tailored to you and what you want to wear from my client wardrobe plus if you'd like any tasteful nude images (ALWAYS stunning with a baby bump)

That's not to say if you have something you really want to wear you cant, you absolutely can bring something if you want! I just like to have such a selection on offer for my clients so it's one less thing to worry about. It's not always fun and glamourous being pregnant, especially towards the end, so I love having these amazing and expensive dresses available for my clients to use - it makes a massive difference to confidence and that definitely shows in your images.


I have over 20 gowns for you to choose from during your session with me. Some are big and extravagant, others are tighter fitting to really show your bump off!

I have a wide range of styles and colours and always make sure to have something for every size!


As well as my gown collection, I also have a wide range of floaty fabrics in all sorts of colours that we can use to get creative!

I can use these to drape over you or to use to fashion different styles of 'dresses' or just for some variety in your gallery!


Every session my clients say they don't want any nude images, and almost every session they change their mind!

A maternity shoot is such an empowering experience, and I fully believe you should be celebrating your changing body. Nude images don't have to make you feel exposed and are done so tastefully you will want to show them to everyone!

What would you choose?

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